2016.09 Update 18

New Features and Enhancements

Products Internal Number Case Number Description
All 8766 22020 When copying the <swd>/vovnginxd/conf/nginx.conf.template file to an nginx.conf file, a message is output to the server log indicating that a copy is being made, and also specifying the source and destination files.
LicenseMonitor 8574 22192 LicenseMonitor now includes support for monitoring licenses of QF-Test software.
LicenseMonitor 8954 22878 Moved the icons for exporting png/csv up in a separate row, so chart area can be highlighted excluding those icons for sreenshots.
LicenseMonitor 8959 22897 The FLEXlm parser has been enhanced to correctly handle version 11.14+ lmstat output.
NetworkComputer 8789   The ncupgrade script has been implemented at beta level. This script allows customers to upgrade their NC installation to a different (newer) version of software without taking down the queue. The script prompts users for decisions (such as queue name, location of the new version, etc.) and is intended to perform the upgrade without losing any jobs, and without having client job submissions fail (they just take longer to register). Please provide feedback on this feature during the beta period.
NetworkComputer 7466 20598 Reservations may now be negated to specify who or what is NOT allowed to use a slave. For example a reservation of "USER !john,mary" will allow all users except "john" and "mary" to run jobs on the slave for the specified duration.
NetworkComputer 7748 21236 Generate both an event and a server log entry when a FairShare group is changed. Event example:

27 FSGROUP CHANGE 000553805 1507566658 {/test, by joe@localhost SERVER: Window 1h00m to 2h00m }

Log example:

vovserver(9805) Oct 09 13:26:20 FairShare change: /test, by joe@localhost SERVER: Window 1h00m to 2h00m
NetworkComputer 8695   Slave reservation that is created by preemption type FreeSlave is now reserving the preempted slave by bucket id. The reservation duration is 5 seconds by default and it can be configured using preempt rule field reservetime.
NetworkComputer 8735 22516 Speeds up jobclasses.cgi by showing detailed job statistics per jobclass only on demand, by clicking the basic job count initially displayed.
NetworkComputer 6199 20959 Documented the boolean jobclass variable "classEditable", which controls whether a jobclass can be edited using the jobclass web UI page. Example: set classDescription "my jobclass" set classEditable false ...rest of jobclass script...

Resolved Issues

Products Internal Number Case Number Description
All 8826 22666 Prevent vovslave from caching empty group lists returned from OS.
All 8947   The AGE field of the SETS object will now return the correct age, defined as time in seconds since the set was last updated. In addition, the LASTUPDATE field will always return a valid timestamp instead of 0 for non-smart sets.
FlowTracer 8854 22728 Fixed vovconsole crash that could occur in flow graphs when using Orthogonal/Manhattan arrows.
FlowTracer 8984 22999 Fixed bug which caused a Tcl error in node editor when the expected duration field had a time value with a leading zero, and then changes were made to the node and saved. The time spec parser was failing to trim the leading zeroes and producing an error. Now, the time spec parser does it correctly. An example time spec that could cause the error is "1h05m" due to the "05" value for the minutes.
LicenseMonitor 8133 21860 The "shift combo" was fixed in previous 2016.09 release. The test case added to ensure this error will got covered in our regression tests.
LicenseMonitor 9011 23060 Removed the double html-encoding to prevent license editing corruption.
LicenseMonitor 8834 22690 ftlm_batch_report should honor the switch with "Hide" parameter (e.g.-UtilPlotHideAverage) with empty value (default value as 1).
LicenseMonitor 8852   Configure group access to a tab should not prevent the guests view page using readonly port.
LicenseMonitor 8859 22682 Several robustness improvements to vovresourced with respect to obtaining data from LicenseMonitor:
  • Improved handling of buffer overflow condition in /raw/checkouts and /raw/vovresourced URLs when a large number of checkouts is present.
  • Improved debuggability of HTTP errors by printing errors and timeout occurrences in vovresourced log.
  • Fixed bug in LM lookup procedure when SSL is specified as true in the vovresourced configuration but LM is not running with SSL.
  • Add handling for HTTP timeout in LM lookup procedure so that 3 retries are attempted before marking LM as down.
  • Improved resource life support by entering the mode only for the affected license-based resource when the data request to LM fails only for that license.
  • Improved life support debuggability with improved messaging in the vovresourced log.
  • Improved performance of /raw/checkouts and /raw/vovresourced URLs.
  • Added configurable HTTP timeout to vovresourced configuration to accomodate heavily loaded LM instances. The setting, RESD(timeout,http), accepts timespec values and is set to 30s by default.
  • Disable vtk_flexlm_monitor_all by default for new WX installations.
LicenseMonitor 8615 22208 ftlm_parse_flexlmlic to handle nodelocked licenses (e.g. MATLAB:ID=720099) with correct capacity
NetworkComputer 7242 20265 FairShare groups now have a "flatten" setting. When a group is flattened, all of its child groups will be treated as though they were on the same level of hierarchy; that is, all leaf-level groups will be assigned weights as though they were direct children of the top-level flattened group, ignoring weights assigned to any non-leaf-level groups in between. This setting can be enabled by the vovfsgroup modify command. Note that disabling this setting for a group that has a flattened parent will have no effect; the group will still be flattened.
NetworkComputer 7806 21608 Fixed FreeSlave preemption type not to preempt slaves that are not compatible with preempting jobs in HW requests such as CORES, RAM.
NetworkComputer 8824 22655 Do not process commas as option delimiters in SNAPSHOT environment calls so that a snapshot file path can include commas.
NetworkComputer 8865 22693 Improved error messages for wrong parameters in nc preempt command.
NetworkComputer 8686   Improved the preemption rule view page to include all of the fields that are displayed in the new rule page. This mainly includes improvements to the FREE_SLAVES, RESERVE_SLAVES, and RESERVE_RESOURCES rule views.
NetworkComputer 8697 21608 Improved the performance and reliability of the FREE_SLAVES preemption rule behavior. Hosts with non-preemptable jobs can be preempted if the machine can still run preempting jobs.
NetworkComputer 8914 22857
  1. Implemented "spread" NUMA placement. Jobs using this placement type will be bound to the least-loaded sockets available on the chosen slave.
  2. Simplified NUMA usage. Requesting the "NUMA" resource is no longer required. NUMA is controlled exclusively by the -jpp option to nc run. The "NUMA" resource is no longer required to be provided by slaves.
  3. Improved NUMA visibility. Fixed issue with the NUMA field that prevented the NUMA type from being displayed with vovselect, or when using the @NUMA@ keyword in the nc list output format string. Additionally, the NUMA_AFFINITY job property has been augmented to show the placement type (e.g. "NUMA pack: 0 1 * *").
  4. Improved debug capability. Added ability to use vovslavemgr configure to control the debugnuma setting for slaves. Detailed NUMA information will be printed to the slave log when this setting is set to 1. Also added control in vovslavemgr configure for binding to entire sockets (default) or to individual cores (experimental). See vovslavemgr usage help for details.
WorkloadXelerator 8878 22773 Fixed problem with SNAPSHOT environments that caused environment variables to get added in subsequent jobs but never removed. Now it uses the correct environment from the shell that launched the job, plus the environment specific to each job. The bug impacted vovslave but not vovslaveroot.