Configuration .tcl Files

Configuration of FlowTracer on a per-project basis is handled by four .tcl files: policy.tcl, security.tcl, resources.tcl, and taskers.tcl.


The policy.tcl file sets various server variables, such as the max number of Smart Sets, or max jobs in parallel. The syntax is as follows:
vtk_user_set  <user> -weight  <n> -defaultpriority <n> -maxpriority <n>
vtk_group_set <group> -weight <n> -users { <list_of_users> }
vtk_swd_set <symbolic> <path>


security.tcl defines who has access to the FlowTracer server. The main procedure used to define the "security rule" is:
vtk_security <username>|-group <vovusergroup> <securityLevel> <hostlist1> ...
  • <username> is the login name of a user
  • <vovusergroup> is the name of a VovUserGroups
  • <securityLevel> is either USER, LEADER, or ADMIN, case insensitive
  • <hostList> is a list of one or more of <hostName>, where <hostName> is either the name of a host, + meaning any host, or - meaning no host.


resources.tcl defines both the rules to dispatch jobs based on priorities, as well as the number of licences available for tools used within your flow. The syntax is as follows:
vtk_tools_map <licence> <NUMBER> "rule"
vtk_resources_map <licence> <NUMBER> "rule"
vtk_resources_map <PRIORITY> <NUMBER>
vtk_toolmap_set <licence> <NUMBER> "rule"
vtk_resourcemap_set <User:> <NUMBER>
vtk_resourcemap_set <Group:> <NUMBER>


The taskers.tcl file defines the taskers for FlowTracer to use. The syntax is:
vtk_tasker_define hostname [options]