Start a Remote vovtasker with vovtsd

To use vovtsd on Windows, follow these steps:

  1. Start a command shell on the Windows workstation as the user who is supposed to run the taskers. See below if this user needs to be different from the user logged in on the screen.
  2. Set up the shell to use VOV with the vovinit command. This sets the needed environment variables, including PATH.
    c:\temp> \<install_path>\win64\bat\vovinit
  3. Mount all filesystems using the appropriate drive letter; these need to agree with the values of serverdir and vovdir in the taskerRes.tcl file for the VOV project.
  4. Start vovtsd, possibly using a new window. The -normal option says to use a TCP/IP port calculated from the username. You may specify the port explicitly by using the -port option.
    c:> start vovtsd -normal