vovemulmgr: Usage Message

    vovemulmgr <SUBCOMMAND> [options]

    Subcommand is case-insensitive.

SUBCOMMAND is one of:
    CONFIG              -- Configure emulators. If there is an error in the
                           configuration then no action will be performed.
    LIST                -- List the names of emulators.
    GROUP               -- List the names of emulator groups.
    GROUP <group>       -- List the names of emulator in <group>.
    LEAF <emul>         -- List the leaf resources for emulator <emul>.
    ELEMENTS <emul>     -- List the leaf elements for emulator <emul>.
    RTHOSTS <emul>      -- List the runtime hosts for emulator <emul>.
    TYPE <emul>         -- Type of emulator <emul>.
    IGNORE_LIST <emul>  -- List of ignored elements for emulator <emul>.
    TASKER_ENV <emul>   -- Tasker environment for emulator <emul>.

    % vovemulmgr config