Use Altair Monitor for Reporting

To enable tracking of emulator usage, Hero acts as a license server in which each license or token corresponds to an element of the emulator in use. When a job runs, the appropriate number of emulator tokens are checked out and returned when the job finishes.

For example, in the earlier example, if the job with request HERO:PZ1_SPAN2 starts running on the emulator named cadencePz1, 16 (2 boards of 8 domains each) licenses of the license Emul:cadencePz1 will be checked out and returned when the job terminates. This unusual representation of emulator resources allows Altair Monitor to be used to report both real time and historical emulator usage.

Altair Monitor has many reporting options (see Altair Accelerator Administrator's Guide, but only the most basic setup is described here as an illustration. The setup requires the port and host of the Hero project which can be obtained with the command:
nc cmd vovselect port,host from server

One other thing to note is that the command vlmstat is used to probe the Hero server and is analogous to lmstat. Go to Monitor’s Admin tab and add a new license monitor using the host, port and vlmstat command. You should choose a tag name that can represent the Hero queue.

When jobs run, usage can be tracked from the License Manager web interface:

Figure 1.