Hero is Altair's solution for effective use of emulation resources.

Hero is based on Altair Accelerator and leverages its capabilities including resource management, FairShare, reservations and report generation. Hero employs an abstraction model that allows it to dispatch and manage emulators from multiple vendors even within the same queue.

The overall focus of Hero is to improve emulator resource utilization over time. While this document focuses on running emulation jobs, Hero can also effectively manage the intensive design compilation activities associated with emulation and can be used to construct a complete emulation flow, if required. It can also be used in conjunction with conventional batch systems for ordinary computing tasks.

Some example files are provided in the $VOVDIR/training/demos/hero directory. These files will be referenced in the Setup section.

The document describes typical usages; more details can be found in the usage messages of the individual commands or, for more general information, in the Altair Accelerator User Guide documentation.