2019.01 Update 5 Patch 1

Resolved Issues

The following issues were resolved in this software release:
Table 1.
Product Internal Number Case Number Description
All VOV-12236   Fixed an issue leading to the following server logs:
vovserver(3260) ERROR May 24 00:00:53 Found host with different ip: 
instead of [host:903]
Accelerator Plus VOV-11868 0120760 Improved the performance of checking the status of all pending ("requested") slaves when vovwxd is querying the status from the base queue(s).
Accelerator Plus VOV-11910 0120797 Fixed issue with WX slaves that prevented them from starting with a max life override of unlimited. Added log messages that denote when the override is activated during startup, and also the adjustment of unlimited max life to the greater of: a) the expected duration of the first job routed to the slave or b) the default slave max life as specified per the vovwxd configuration file.
Accelerator Plus VOV-12220 0121046 Fixed a bug in vovwxd, that was causing it to lose track of the slaves list and print redundant "Metrics for..." log messages.
Accelerator Plus VOV-10557 24557 The Linux priority/"nice level" of jobs running via Accelerator Plus will now have the same priority as jobs running directly on Accelerator for the same Accelerator/Accelerator Plus designated execution priority. Example: Use nc/wx run -p . ... to set the execution priority. (u5-1) The wxagent job while no longer carry the LauncherClass job class so that the user's job class will be prevalent.
Accelerator Plus VOV-12200   Fixed issue with job arrays that are dependent upon a job or set, where the array jobs will not run due to an invalid input.