Resource Map Set

The Resource Map Set represents the collection of resource maps that have been assigned to a project and the constraints associated with such resources.

Each resource map is described in the file resources.tcl, by means of the Tcl procedure vtk_resourcemap_set. This procedure requires the following arguments:
  1. The name of a resource (in the form "type:name" with optional "type:").
  2. The number of units available for the resource, which is either a positive integer or the keyword "unlimited" (case insensitive).
  3. The third argument is optional. If it exists, it is used to indicate the name of a resource expression into which the first resource is to be mapped.
  4. The fourth argument is also optional; it represents the number of units for that resource that are currently in use. This argument is intended to be used only by vovresourced.
  5. The fifth argument is also optional; it represents the expiration date that show when this resource expires (and is automatically removed from the set).


# -- We have 4 licenses of DesignCompiler (Synopsys)
vtk_resourcemap_set License:dc_shell -max 4

# -- We have 1 license for PathMill (Synopsys), it can only
# -- run on Linux machines
vtk_resourcemap_set License:pathmill -max 1 -map linux

# -- Specify a resource as the sum of 2 other resources
vtk_resourcemap_set License:msimhdl -sum -map 'License:msimhdlsim OR License:msimverilog'