REST Application Programming Interface

Altair Accelerator supports a RESTful API that enables a developer to submit, monitor, and control batch jobs as well as query the batch scheduler queues, jobs, and hosts in useful ways.

A RESTful (aka REST) API is based on a URL name space targeted by HTTP operations like POST and GET to submit jobs or make queries. REST APIs are popular ways for developers to write portable applications, both UI and command line, that can interface to the Accelerator queue over secure HTTPS connections.

The API was added in version 1 of the REST API and relies upon the GET HTTP method to request data from objects in the server.

HTTP Verbs

There are 5 HTTP Verb operations that can be used with describes the action to take regarding the resource.
  • POST – creates a resource. Examples are submitting a job or allocating an authorization token.
  • GET – retrieves one or more resources. Also called “accessor” operations. Examples are job or queue queries or listings.
  • PUT – updates a resource. An example is stopping a job.
  • PATCH – updates a resource attribute. This supports job property updates.
  • DELETE – deletes a resource. An example would be forgetting a job.

Online REST Reference Pages

The Accelerator Web UI has a REST reference page complex. This page is an interactive VOV REST reference with a complete list of objects that may be targeted with REST accessor operations and a summary of job control functions that may target the “job” object.

To access the reference page, run the following:
% vovbrowser -url /html/vovrest.html

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