Tcl VOV Extensions

The standard Tcl interpreter is extended with some procedures, defined in the file vovutils.tcl.

Procedure Description
arglength Returns the length of the global variable argv
lappend_no_dup list [var ...]
  • A variation on lappend that prevents duplicates
  • The arguments can be lists
  • Returns the new list
lappend_no_dup make(dirlist,include) ../include
lprepend_no_dup list [var ...] Similar to lappend_no_dup, except the new elements are added at the beginning of the list
shift [list]
  • Similar to shift in csh and in Perl
  • The input list is passed by reference (i.e. is modified by the procedure)
  • By default the top level argv list is used
  • Returns the first element in the input list, or the null string if the input list is empty
 while [arglength] {
    set arg [shift]
    VovOutput $DESIGN.sav/$arg.cfg