Altair Accelerator Customization

Many aspects of Accelerator behavior can be customized:
  • Job submission can be controlled with a layer of policies defined in the vnc_policy.tcl file, located in $VOVDIR/local.

    This can check and possibly modify resources, environment, command line and other aspects of jobs as they are submitted.

  • The Accelerator server behavior can be controlled by the parameters in vnc.swd/policy.tcl.
  • The defaults for nc run can be controlled in $VOVDIR/local/vncrun.config.tcl. A common use of this file is to disable the automatic check for the validity of the submission working directory.
  • The defaults for nc list can be controlled in $VOVDIR/local/vnclist.config.tcl. A common use of this file is to force list result caching, or to disable listing by job name.
  • Some aspects of the GUI can be controlled by vnc.swd/gui.tcl.
  • Caching of nc list results may be configured in the file $VOVDIR/local/vnclist.config.tcl
    # Example content of vnclist.config.tcl
    # enable 'nc list' local caching
    set NCLIST(cache,enable) 1
    # Other variables used in global array NCLIST (not settable)
    #set NCLIST(cache,timeout,default)
    #set NCLIST(cache,cacheFile)
    #set NCLIST(cache,cacheFp)
    # environment variables that influence 'nc list' caching
    # NC_LIST_CACHE_DIR  ; # default ~/.vov/vnclist.caches/<project>...