FairShare Groups

Note: The FairShare information described in this chapter has been deprecated. It is strongly advised to not use the information described in this chapter. The features described in this section are currently available, but may soon become unavailable and/or unsupported.

Refer to FairShare and Configure FairShare via the vovfsgroup Utility for the current implementations.

Each job belongs to both a user and a group. Groups are used as part of the FairShare mechanism.

To set the FairShare group of a job, set the environmenVOV_GROUP when creating the job using vovbuild or when executing the job for the first time. If the variable is missing, the FairShare group name is /time/users by default. The group of a job cannot be changed after the job has been created.

The VOV administrator defines the share of resources to allocate to a group by means of the procedure vtk_group_set in the policy.tcl file. The option -weight is used to specify a relative weight of the group. Example:
vtk_group_set /time/alpha -weight 500
vtk_group_set /time/beta  -weight 200
vtk_group_set /time/reg   -weight 200 -unixgroup regression
vtk_group_set /time/prod  -weight 200 -unixgroup production -useasdefault
To define the users that belong to a FairShare group, use the option -users or -unixgroup. Example:
# Explicit list of users:vtk_group_set /time/alpha -users { john mary joe }

# Take list from the Unix definition of groups:vtk_group_set /time/beta  -unixgroup guests 
To define the share of resources to allocate to a user within a group, use vtk_user_set and the -group option. Example:
vtk_user_set john -weight 20   # Default is group "users"
vtk_user_set john -group /time/alpha -weight 100
vtk_user_set john -defaultGroup /time/beta

To see the list of all groups, refer to the /groups page.