Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my job not running?

There can be many reasons why your job is not running. The simplest reason is there a typographical error in your code. For example:

Figure 1.

In this example, the space after the second csbatch was omitted, resulting in the nonexistent tool "csbatch--". Because csbatch does not exist, the job will not run.

Another possible reason for a job not running: If you see the following error message, you may need to contact the Accelerator administrator to correct the working directory.
The path to the current directory is not 'LOGICAL',
i.e. it does not begin with a '$' sign.

For more information, refer to Qualify the Working Directory of Jobs.

What do messages about 'too many clients' mean?

Messages about 'too many clients' should be referred to your Accelerator Admin. The Accelerator system can serve a large, but finite number of concurrent clients. This is determined by the number of file descriptors available to vovserver. For more information, refer to Server Configuration.

I need to look at a job environment, but when I use snapprop, it's encoded.

To decode this, you need to use the vtk_base64_decode procedure. For example:
vovsh -x "puts [vtk_base64_decode STRING]"

How do I control where stdout is sent to?

Stdout is controlled in the flow. By default, stdout is written to .stdout_cmd_id_unique_id, where command id is the first few non-blank characters of the command and unique id is a nine digit number created by hashing the entire command. To change the location of stdout, set the environment variable VOV_STDOUT_SPEC with @OUT@, @ID@, and @UNIQUE@. For more information, see stdout/stderr.

How do I change the nc gui font size and editor?

To change the font size in the //nc gui, use an argument similar to how you would with xterm. For example, to change the font to size 16, use:
nc cmd vovconsole -font 16 &

To change the editor used by the //nc gui, set the VOV_EDITOR variable to the editor of your choice.

Why am I missing the plots when I look at a resource or license report?

Probably, what is causing the plots to be missing is a name resolution issue. To fix this, make sure VOV_HOST_HTTP_NAME is set correctly. If all else fails, set this to the host's IP address, not network name. To update a running server, you must use the command:
vtk_server_setenv VOV_HOST_HTTP_NAME XXX

Why does the command nc hosts -m display completely different information from ncmgr info?

This is because both commands report different sets of data:
ncmgr info
Shows the load reported by the taskers.tcl as part of their heartbeat. This data is automatically collected once every minute.
nc hosts -m
Shows the data collected on-demand about the hosts. This data is collected "once in a while", which can be never.

It is possible the two data sets are very different.

Why am I only getting long checkout notifications every 7 days?

This is by design. It is limited to every seven days to cut down on the amount of emails received.

How do I clean up nc gui clients if the host is down?

The best way to do this is to directly kill the jobs on the machine.

What does nc submit do?

nc submit performs the same action as nc run. Either command can be used to submit one or more jobs.

Where can I find a list of all the CGI scripts, the GUI features?

You can see the list of the built-in CGI scripts at host:portcgi/listcgi.cgi.. The scripts are grouped by category.