Forget Jobs

Under normal operation, jobs are automatically forgotten from the server database as follows:
  1. Completed jobs are forgotten after one hour.
  2. Failed and idle jobs are forgotten after two days.
  3. Queued and running jobs are never forgotten.

The nc forget command immediately deletes the specified job from the server database. If a job is running and the -forcerunning flag is used, the job is stopped before it is forgotten.

nc forget

Forget jobs from the trace.

nc: Usage Message

    Forget jobs from the trace.
    If the jobs are running they are first stopped (if you use -forcerunning)
    If the jobs are queued, they are removed from the queue.

    % nc forget [OPTIONS] <jobId> ...

    -normal                 -- Forget all my jobs older than 1 day.
    -n                      -- Shortcut for -normal.
    -age   <age>            -- Forget all my jobs older than the
                               specified age (except running jobs).
    -J    <jobname>         -- Forget all my jobs with given name.
    -set  <setname>         -- Forget all jobs in given set.
    -mine                   -- Forget all my jobs (regardless of age).
    -allusers               -- Forget jobs belonging to other users too.
                               Need to be ADMIN.
    -dir  <dirname>         -- Forget all jobs in the given directory.
    -subdirs <dirname>      -- Forget all jobs in the given directory and
                               all subdirectories.
    -selrule <rule>         -- Selection rule for jobs to forget.
    -forcerunning           -- Force deletion of running jobs.
    -h                      -- This message.
    -v                      -- Increase verbosity.
    -quiet                  -- Quiet forget. Ignore errors.
    -system                 -- Include system jobs (implied for explicit jobIds)

    % nc forget -n
    % nc forget -age 1h
    % nc forget -mine -dir .
    % nc forget -allusers -dir .
    % nc forget -set MyExperiment
    % nc forget -set MyExperiment -forcerunning