Get Job Information

The nc info command gives information about a job.

When executed without an option, the subcommand info displays the start time, completion time, duration, resources, priority, and exit status.

nc: Usage Message
    Get information about a specific job or list of jobs.
    % nc info [options] <jobId> ...
    -h               -- Show this message.
    -v               -- Increase verbosity.
    -l               -- Show the log file (actually, it shows all outputs).
    -e               -- Show the environment name, or contents if a snapshot.
    -c               -- Show tasker compatibility table
                        (which tasker can run a job).
    -sc              -- Show tasker compatibility in normal output.
    -tc              -- Show tasker compatibility in normal output.
    -dep             -- Show job dependencies.
    -J   <jobname>   -- Show the jobs with given name.
                        (DO NOT USE IN SCRIPTS!)

NOTE:   'nc info -J JOBNAME'  is way more expensive than 'nc info JOBID'
    We strongly recommend you never use nc info -J ... in scripts.
    Reason: job names are not unique and are not hashed.  Job Ids are unique.

    % nc info 00123456
          -- Show info about specific job.
    % nc info !
          -- Show info about most recent job in current dir.
    % nc info -l 12345
          -- Show log file(s) of job.
    % nc info -J MyJob
          -- Show info about all jobs called "MyJob".
    % nc info -tc 0012345
          -- If job is Scheduled, also show the summary
             of tasker compatibility.