License Sharing Support

With license sharing, the same license can be shared by multiple jobs. Depending on the policy selected by the vendor, there are licenses that can be shared among different jobs provided that some characteristics are the same, for example the execution host, the user or the display.

Host + User Sharing

With this type of sharing, if a user is already running a job on a machine, that same user is allowed to run any number of jobs on the same machine without consuming another license. This can be very advantageous for the end user especially when using machines with 8 or more CPUS.

This configuration is supported with two steps:
  1. Define a jobclass for the jobs that should take advantage of license sharing.
    # This is file   vnc.swd/jobclass/spectrerf.tcl
    set classDescription "SpectreRF class"
    set VOV_JOB_DESC(resources) "Share:spectrerf_[vtk_logname] OR License:spectreRF"
  2. Add a procedure to resources.tcl to dynamically create the resource maps represent what licenses can be shared.
    source $env(VOVDIR)/tcl/vtcl/vovsharedresourcesproc.tcl
    # Configuration of the procedure for shared licenses.
    SHRaddRule spectrerf  Share:spectrerf_@USER@