Preempt Jobs with Unrequested Resources

It is possible for resources to be used without being applied. To control the usage properly, a preemption rule can be created that prevents such issues. For this preemption rule, use the field LM_HANDLES_NRU, where NRU represents "Not Requested / Used". An examples is shown below.

In this example, the preempting condition is a job waiting for a license, License:abc. In addition, the queued job is in the specific jobclass abc.
 -preempting "JOBCLASS==abc"  -waitingfor "License:abc"
The preemptable set is any job that uses License:abc but does not ask for it:
 -preemptable "LM_HANDLES_NRU~License:abc" 
For example:
VovPreemptRule -rulename PunishCheatersAbc \
   -ruletype GENERIC \
   -preempting "JOBCLASS==abc"  -waitingfor "License:abc" \
   -preemptable "LM_HANDLES_NRU~License:abc" \
   -method AUTOMATIC
   -pool   PunishPool