Accelerator Quick Start

Accelerator has two main commands, nc and ncmgr.

  • nc is used to submit, query, and stop jobs. This command can also be invoked as vnc.
  • ncmgr is used to start a queue: ncmgr start. By default, the queue (vnc) starts in a server working directory (SWD) that is a subdirectory in $VOVDIR/../../vnc.

The output of ncmgr start/stop is logged in ${VOVDIR}/local/logs/nc, if it exists.

This page shows the usage messages that are generated by the nc and ncmgr commands.


nc: Usage Message
Usage: nc [-q queuename] <command> [command options]

Queue selection:
  The default queue is called "vnc".

  You can specify a different queue with the option -q <queuename>
  or by setting the environment variable NC_QUEUE.

  clean               Cleanup log files and env files.
  debug               Show how to run the same job without NetworkComputer.
  dispatch            Force dispatch of a job to a specific tasker.
  forget              Forget old jobs from the system.
  getfield            Get a field for a job.
  gui                 Start a simple graphical interface.
  help                This help message.
  hosts               Show farm hosts (also called taskers).
  info                Get information about a job and its outputs.
  list                List the jobs in the system.
  jobclass            List the available job classes.
  kerberos            Interface to Kerberos (experimental).
  modify              Modify attributes of scheduled jobs.
  monitor             Monitor network activity.
  rerun               Rerun a job already known to the system.
  resources           Shows resource list and current statistics.
  resume              Resume a job previously suspended.
  run <job>           Run a new job (also called 'submit').
  preempt             Preempt a job.
  stop                Stop jobs.
  submit <job>        Same as 'run'.
  summary             Get a summary report for all my jobs.
  suspend             Suspend the execution of a job.
  taskerlist          Show available tasker lists.
  wait                Wait for a job to complete.
  who                 Report on who is using the system.
  why                 Analyze job status reasons.
Deprecated Commands:
  slavelist           Show available slave lists.

Unique abbreviations for commands are accepted.

Advanced features:
  cmd <command>       Execute an arbitrary VOV command in the
                      context of the NetworkComputer server.
  source <file.tcl>   Source the given Tcl file.
  -                   Accept commands from stdin.

For more help type:
  % nc <command> -h

Copyright (c) 1998-2021, Altair Engineering.


This program manages the vovserver for Accelerator.


vncmgr: Usage Message

        This program manages the vovserver for NetworkComputer.
        Copyright (c) 1998-2021, Altair Engineering.

        ncmgr help|info|reset|start|stop|cm [OPTIONS]

        info   [-queue|-q <name>] [-v]
        reset  [-soft | -hard | -h ]
        start  [-dir <server_working_dir>] [-force] [-queue|-q <name>]
               [-port <port> ] [-webport <port>] [-roport <port>]
               [-dbhost <host>] [-dbroot <path>] [-dbport <port>]
               [-prod nc|wx|he] [-basequeue <name>]
               The default <server_working_dir> is
               This is the parent of the configuration (.swd) directory for
               the queue.
        stop   [-force] [-freeze] [-queue|-q <name>] [-writeprdir <dirname>]
               -force       Do not prompt for confirmation
               -freeze      Instruct taskers to keep running and wait for a
                            new server
               -writeprdir  Writes the PR file to the specified directory
               (which is created if necessary)
        cm     [-queue|-q name] <ACTION> [ARGUMENTS]
               Configuration Management. Pass "help" for detailed usage.

        % ncmgr
        % ncmgr -h
        % ncmgr start -queue vnc2
        % ncmgr start -port 6699 -queue vnc99
        % ncmgr info
        % ncmgr reset -soft
        % ncmgr reset -hard
        % ncmgr cm help


        % ncmgr stop -freeze
        % ncmgr start -force
        % ncmgr stop -freeze -force -writeprdir /tmp/abc123