Overwrite the Log File

Limitations and Common Errors

Not Using -nolog

If the -nolog option is not used, then the repeating the command is effectively a command to repeat the same job:
  • % nc run -lsim.logmy_job
  • % nc run -lsim.logmy_job

The job will not be repeated, regardless of how many times the command is repeated. After the job is completed it is categorized as Done, and Accelerator determines there is no need to rerun a job that is Done.

Using -s

If you use the option -s to specify that the log is shared, the following problems may occur:
  • Using -s is bad practice if the output log is not really shared. In this case, the scheduler (Accelerator) is forced to do extra work to ensure that all other jobs that share the log are executed sequentially.
  • Using -s also forces all jobs that share the same log to be in a separate bucket, even if each shared log is only used by a single job.