Invoke the GUI

Job execution can be monitored with nc gui.

This command opens a monitoring tool; no interactive capabilities (such as configuration or running jobs) are provided. Interactive capabilities are available with nc cmd vovconsole.

nc gui

Show a grid view of the jobs in a specified set.

nc: Usage Message

        Show a grid view of the jobs in a specified set.
        % nc gui [OPTIONS] &
        With no options, the GUI shows all jobs of the current

        -a                  -- Show all jobs.
        -u <user>           -- Show jobs for specified user.
        -s <SETNAME>
        -set <SETNAME>
        -setname <SETNAME>  -- Show specified set.
        -timeout <TIMESPEC> -- Stop async update after this time (default 2h).
        -submit             -- Activate job submission dialog
        -limitGui <N>       -- Override the limit of 3 max GUI per user.

        -batch <file>       -- Execute specified file after the GUI is ready

        -metrics            -- Show scheduler metrics.
        -metricsConfig <file> -- Use specified metrics configuration file.
        -slaves             -- Show compact slaves monitor.
        -taskers            -- Show compact taskers monitor.
        -fontsize <size>    -- Specify the normal font size. Default is 10.
                               Legal range is 3 to 36.

        -title <title>      -- Choose title of X11 window.

        % nc gui &                  -- Show all my jobs
        % nc gui -all &             -- Show all jobs.
        % nc gui -set SomeSetName   -- Show specified set.

        % nc gui -submit            -- Job submission dialog.
        % nc gui -limitGui 5        -- Allow you to run up to 5 "nc gui" (default 3)

        % nc gui -metrics &         -- Show the scheduler metrics.

Figure 1. GUI that opens after entering nc cmd vovconsole &