Write Localized Health Checks

The vovnotifyd command runs in the vovsh binary, so all the VTK API procedures are available to you.

The standard checks procedures are defined in the file $VOVDIR/tcl/vtcl/vovhealthlib.tcl.

The health check procedures are loaded by using a search path. They are loaded first from the file given above, then from $VOVDIR/local/vovhealthlib.tcl, and last from vovhealthlib.tcl in the vovnotifyd working directory. This permits redefining health check procedures on a site-wide or a project-specific basis.

Note: Local procedure names should begin with 'doTestHealth' such as the system names; some platforms require on this convention.
To have local procedures shown by the browser UI, add a line into your vovhealthlib.tcl file. An example is shown below:
set HEALTHLIB_PRODUCT_MAP(doTestHealthYourProcedure)        "nc"

The product names are those returned by the procedure vtk_product_get_info -name: nc, lm, ft, wa.

Ensure your procedures are robust and handle error conditions, such as catching all exec{}, open{} and other procedures that may fail.

Note: Changes made to any of the vovhealthlib.tcl files will not take effect until the vovnotifyd daemon is restarted.