Submit Jobs from the Browser

This section shows an example of using a web browser to submit jobs.

For information about using the command line interface to submit jobs, refer to Submit Jobs with CLI Commands.

An example script is located in $VOVDIR/etc/cgi/submit.cgi, which can be modified as needed. The script is invoked with the URL http://HOST:PORT/cgi/submit.cgi, which is usually http://nc-host:6271/cgi/submit.cgi. (6271 is the default port; however, the port that is actually used can be different.)
Note: Placing the file in $VOVDIR/etc/cgi will make it available to all servers running on that Altair Accelerator software hierarchy. To restrict access to Accelerator, create a cgi subdirectory under your Accelerator directory vnc.swd, and place the submit.cgi script there. Remember to make the script executable.

submit.cgi is setup for running very basic scripts. This script is intended as an introduction to Accelerator.

The following is the output of the example script:

Figure 1.