Create a Tasker on Windows

  1. Copy the vovtsd single file distributable (SFD) for Windows (vovtsd.exe) onto the Windows host that will be running one or more taskers.
  2. Start vovtsd (use default port or specify a different one). Optionally, configure as a Windows service (see vovtsd documentation).
  3. Register the Windows path to the server working directory. The server working directory is the parent of the <queue-name>.swd directory (aka SWD). The default queue name is “vnc”, so the default SWD is named vnc.swd. Registration is done via the SWD/policy.tcl file.
    vtk_swd_set windows <full path to server working directory>
    For example:
    vtk_swd_set windows n:/altair/vnc
  4. After making the change, reread the policy via:
    nc cmd vovproject reread
  5. Update the following in SWD/taskers.tcl:
    vtk_tasker_set_defaults \
        -rshcmd     vovssd \
        -vovssdport 16666 \
        -executable vovtasker \
        -vovdir     default \
        -logfile    default \
        -serverdir  n:/altair/vnc
    vtk_slave_define <windows host name>

    The default tasker name will be equal to the host name.

  6. Start the newly defined tasker:
    nc cmd vovtaskermgr start <tasker name>
  7. Verify the tasker using this command:
    nc hosts
    The Windows tasker will be remotely started via vovtsd and will enter a “ready” state once it is able to accept jobs:
    1 win16-1	  0.00   ready   0/2   20s  None      Licensed for 2 slots
  8. Submit the job:
    nc run -e BASE -rundir <valid windows path> -l "'<log file in valid windows path>'" -r ARCH=win64 -- <cmd>
    For example:
    nc run -e BASE -rundir c:/ -l "'c:/@JOBID@.log'" -r ARCH=win64 -- hostname
    The @JOBID@ keyword will be automatically substituted with the job’s ID, resulting in a uniquely-named log file.