Tasker Resources

The resources offered by a tasker are represented by a space-separated list of tokens. Resources can be explicit or symbolic.

The resources described in this section have been obsoleted. The new information about Hardware Resources in provided in Hardware Resources. The resources described in this section are still supported.

The resource list is the concatenation of two sublists:
  • The resources specified with option -r, which can be either a static list (explained below) or dynamically computed list as explained in Time-Variant Taskers.
  • The resources specified in the taskerClass.table file.

The option -r in vovtasker defines the resources offered by the tasker.

Examples of explicit resources:
% vovtasker -r "unix diskio RAM/512"
% vovtasker -r "RAM/3000 REGRMACHINE"

Symbolic Resources for Taskers

The following table describes all symbolic resources defined for taskers. By default, a tasker provides the resources corresponding to the symbolic resource @STD@.

Symbolic Resource Description
@ARCHITECTURE@ It has value 'win64' on Windows, and the same as @MACHINE@ on UNIX.
@CPUS@ A consumable resources indicating the number of CPUS in the tasker (example for a 4-CPU machine: "CPUS/4").
@DISPLAY@ The name of the X display accessible by the tasker and derived from the value of the environment variable DISPLAY.
@HOST@ The name of the host on which the tasker runs.
@MACHINE@ The name that identifies the machine type . On Windows, this have value 'x86'.
@MODEL@ Linux: an abbreviated version of the "model name" line in the output of /proc/cpuinfo, otherwise the value is "Model:unknown". Not available on the other platforms.
@OS.VERSION@ The name of the operating system, including the version number (for example, Linux.1.0).
@OS@ The operating system name (for example, Linux).
@OSCLASS@ Either "unix" or "windows".
@RAMFREE@ The amount of available physical memory (RAM), in MB. On a Linux system, this is computed by opening /proc/meminfo and by adding up the values for MemFree, Buffers, and Cached.
% cat /proc/meminfo
MemTotal:      6100392 kB
MemFree:       1848576 kB
Buffers:        188596 kB
Cached:        2686368 kB
SwapCached:         16 kB
Active:        1847404 kB
@RAMTOTAL@ The total amount of physical memory (RAM), in MB.
@RAM@ This is a consumable resource representing the residual amount of RAM after taking into account the jobs running on the tasker.
@RELEASE@ This is mostly used on Linux to represent the name of the Linux distribution. On most systems, this is computed by running lsb_release -isr.
@SMARTSUSPEND@ Either the string "smartsuspend" if SmartSuspend (by Jaryba) is available on the machine or the null string "".
@STD@ The default for each tasker, which corresponds to the set @CPUS@ @DISPLAY@ @USER@ @HOST@ @RAM@ @MACHINE@ @VOVARCH@ @OSCLASS@ @OS.VERSION@ @VIEW@ @RELEASE@.
@SWAPFREE@ The amount of available swap space, in MB.
@SWAPTOTAL@ The total amount of swap space, in MB.
@SWAP@ This is a consumable resource representing the residual amount of SWAP after taking into account the jobs running on the tasker.
@USER@ The name of the user that owns the tasker. This is the value of either the variable LOGNAME or of the variable USER.
@VIEW@ The view name as defined by ClearCase.
@VOVARCH@ The value of the environment variable VOVARCH, normally set with vovarch.