Configure an LSF or OpenLava elim

In order to configure LSF or OpenLava, you need to be an LSF expert. You need to know where your lsf.conf and lsf.shared files reside and how to configure "elims".

Note: The LSF interface is no longer supported. The underlying API will be removed in a future release.
Here is an example of one elim implemented as an infinite loop where a file generated by Allocator is read every few seconds:
#!/bin/csh -f

while (1)
    # The lsfUni.elim file is created by Allocator
    /bin/cat /remote/cadmgr/lsf_la_dir/in.elim/lsfUni.elim
    sleep 20
  1. Specify the license resources in the file lsf.shared in the Resource section:
    AstroLic                        Numeric 10 N (FlexNet Publisher License Resource)
    CalibredrcLic                   Numeric 10 N (FlexNet Publisher License Resource)
  2. Specify at least one elim shared license in ResourceMap section in the lsf.cluster.<lsfClusterName> file.
    Begin ResourceMap
     tmp2           [default]
     # nio           [all]
     # console       [default]
     #cpuf           [10@localhost]
     #ncpus          [10@localhost]
     AstroLic       [default]
    End ResourceMap
  3. To verify that your setup is working, check the following commands:
    bhosts -l            #--- Displays available licenses if elim is working correctly.
    lshosts -R resource  #--- List the hosts where the resources are available.
    lsinfo               #--- Lists all resources.
    For example:
    % lshosts -R AstroLic
The "elim process" run all that time if everything is configured correctly.

Troubleshooting elims

Cannot start lim, in the lim.log.<host_name>, getting the following error message
setMyClusterName(): unable to find the cluster file
          containing local host localhost
Make sure the host name in lsf.cluster.<cluster_name>, in host section, is the name that you are getting with hostname -f command. You can modify the /etc/hosts file to change this hostname.
bhosts -s resource (ex: bhosts -s VerdiX) is saying "Bad resource name"
Add the resource in the lsf.cluster.lava file under ResourceMap section. Example:
Begin ResourceMap
VerdiX          [all]
primetimeX      [all]
End ResourceMap