Allocator and TIMEVAR

To make the weights of Allocator change as a function of time, you can use the procedure TIMEVAR.

Note: Allocator will set the weight of the components of a resource group from the weight of the resource group, unless the weight of the component has been set explicitly.

In the vovlad/config.tcl file you can add the TIMEVAR procedure (or procedures) at the bottom of the file. The TIMEVAR is then evaluated at every Allocator cycle (typically 30 seconds).

In the following example, the weight of the queues for a given resource is changed based on the day of the week.
# Fragment of vovlad/config.tcl 
LA::AddResource Wan:drc 10 "" 


TIMEVAR change_drc {
    Sat,Sun {
    	LA::SetResourceWeight US   Wan:drc   30
    	LA::SetResourceWeight IND  Wan:drc  100
    default {
    	LA::SetResourceWeight US   Wan:drc   50
    	LA::SetResourceWeight IND  Wan:drc   50