Altair Allocator Administrators Guide

Allocator works in conjunction with license monitoring and workload scheduling solutions such as Monitor and Accelerator.

This capability can be used to better utilize the software licenses by having the licenses shared among multiple queues.

Allocator reaches the objective of improving license utilization with the following rules:
  • Follow the demand: When only one queue (or a subset of queues) requires a shared license, any leftover licenses are allocated to all queues based on weights.
  • Graduality: The migration of licenses should be gradual so that the queue does not get more licenses than it is capable of using. For example, if a queue has access to 10 CPUs, it is clearly unnecessary to migrate more that 10 tokens of a license to that queue.
  • Share according to policies: If multiple queues require a shared license, the license should be distributed between the queues based on management policies.

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