2016.09 Update 17

New Features and Enhancements

Products Internal Number Case Number Description
All 8720 22285 Added patchlevel display and patch sorting for various options of vovversion command.
FlowTracer 8756 22556 Added 2 config parameters for vovlsfd:
VOVLSFD(bsubErrorsBlackList) specifies a list of bsub errors that will be ignored by vovlsfd.
For all other errors vovlsfd will dequeue the jobs that are causing unsuccessful bsub requeuests.
VOVLSFD(dequeueOnNumBsubErrors) specifies a number of sequential bsub failures that should force
vovlsfd to dequeue the corresponding FT jobs.
Default value: 2
LicenseMonitor 7006 5636 Added a pair of new configuration variables in the vovlmd configuration file to control the threshold of elapsed time without an update at which point a license server is to be considered down. That is, you can set the following in the licmon.swd/vovlmd/config.tcl file:
LSset VOVLM(downthreshold) 10m
LSset VOVLM(checkfrequency) 5m
LicenseMonitor 8743 22692 Added "Show capacity with queued" and "Show peak with queued" options in the utilization plot batch report UI and corresponding options for CLI.
NetworkComputer 8701 22294 The bjobs LSF emulation utility has been modified to support the -o option to control the job listing output format. Column width and delimiter specifiers are also supported. See bjobs usage syntax (bjobs -h) for details.
NetworkComputer 8796 22674 A new subcommand of vovslavemgr, rotatelog, creates new log files and new log directories if missing. Startup log files are not recreated.

Resolved Issues

Products Internal Number Case Number Description
All 7809 21345 Fixed issue that caused the patch status link in certain web UI pages to be rendered as plain text instead of HTML.
All 8630 22215 Improved vovnginxd robustness when reconfiguring the web port, and corrected the documentation on how to modify the web port while the server is still running.
LicenseMonitor 8580 22181 LicenseMonitor can now serve batch reports greater than 1GB in size.
LicenseMonitor 5898   License server emulate thru vtkle_feature_set can take y (year) as time unit.
LicenseMonitor 8451 22083 Remove the VIEW (and other relevant) permissions for EVERYBODY when restricting tag access to specific users.
LicenseMonitor 8846 22701 Fixed "extra switch pattern with no body" Tcl error in the vovdb_util dump function.
NetworkComputer 8805 22639 Fixed issue where the highest possible value for the maxload setting of a vovslave was silently capped at 100.0. This prevented slaves configured with more than 100 job slots from running more than 100 jobs. The new highest possible value for the maxload setting is 10000.0. Along with this change, jobs will need to be submitted with PERCENT/0, or the default minimum HW request will need to be modified so that PERCENT/0 is requested, or no PERCENT resource at all. The default minimum HW request can be configured in the SWD/policy.tcl file, using the "minhw" setting (default is shown):
set config(minhw) "RAM/20 CORES/1 SLOTS/1 PERCENT/1"
If this setting is changed, the policy.tcl file will need to be reread by the vovserver, which can be accomplished with the following command:
nc cmd vovproject reread
NetworkComputer 8075 21678 The server parameter schedskip is now obsolete. We recommend using the parameter schedMaxEffort to limit the time usage of the scheduler. See the documentation for schedMaxEffort for more details.
NetworkComputer 8244 22004 A new server configuration parameter is added to limit the maximum number of ORs in a resource expression. For example in policy.tcl:
set config(maxORsInResourceExpressions) 10

Or from the shell:
nc cmd vovsh -x 'vtk_server_config maxORsInResourceExpressions 10'
If a job is submitted and the number of ORs in its resource expression exceeds the limit, the job fails with
a message in the Why info.
The default value for the limit is 20.
NetworkComputer 8373 22020 Added documentation that describes vovnginxd configuration files and procedure.
Note: This ticket is composed of 2 parts. The first part has been addressed. The second part, "nginx sometimes holds up the port indefinitely when the back end NC vovserver has failed over", will be addressed in a future release.
NetworkComputer 8475 22006 Jobs with a negated soft resource containing a colon or underscore character were unexpectedly dispatched instead of queueing. This has been corrected.
NetworkComputer 7864 21442 Fixed to set correct fail codes for stopped jobs by Ext method.
NetworkComputer 8833 22689 The SOLUTION property on jobs will now use "!" to indicate negated resources rather than "!=".
NetworkComputer 8872 22713 Fixed the problem that one of preempt rules is not sorted by order. Improved error message.