2019.01 Update 2 Release

New Features and Enhancements

The following new features and enhancements were introduced this software release:
Product Issue Number Case Number Description
All VOV-10021   The Bookshelf page has been simplified for easier reading.
All VOV-9742   The new vovservermgr command is added for system administrators.

This command has several subcommands. Three of the subcommands provide an easier syntax to set vovserver configuration and environment variables than vtk_server_config, et al. Other subcommands interface to memory chunking and scheduler tuning controls.

Resolved Issues

The following issues were resolved in 2019.01 Update 2 software release:
Product Internal Number Case Number Description
All VOV-9998   Eliminated the appearance of errors similar to the following in the logs:
7,275 vovserver(19661) 
ERROR May 20 15:59:55 Ending a visit that is already ended (searchId=81179) [object:411] 
7,277 vovserver(19661) 
ERROR May 20 16:14:01 Nested visit with searchId=82117 [object:388] 
All VOV-10103   Fixed issue in calculating the total memory used by jobs, where the reported amount did not take into account memory that is shared between multiple processes in a job's process hierarchy.
All VOV-9827   Fixed a bug in the handling of resource names that were the same as the beginning of a slave name. For example a slave named "foo1" with a resource "foo" would see its "foo1" resource disappear and be replaced by a second "foo" resource. Both the disappearing slave name and the resource duplication have been fixed.
All VOV-10003   Fixed a bug involving missing field names in result arrays returned by vtk_select_get when specifying parameterized fields, e.g. properties.
All VOV-10071   Relaxed the restrictions around the user-specified slave health check script.
All VOV-9852   vovserver will not start any configured daemon as part of the server start up process; this task will be handled by the auto start scripts.

One exception to this behavior is vovnginxd; the vovserver will explicitly start vovnginxd if the web port is changed from zero to a valid port while the server is running.

Allocator VOV-10022   If a site has DO_NOT_SHARE set for a resource in LA, that resource no longer appears in the output of nc cmd vovshow -resources. The earlier behavior was to show the resource with a value of zero.