2019.01 Update 5 Release

New Features and Enhancements

The following new features and enhancements were introduced this software release:

Table 1.
Product Internal Number Case Number Description
All VOV-11299 25102 Fixed error that resulted in a "Server is operating on a non-internal object" error to be printed in the server log. This error is linked to querying for the "why" status of a job that has an input dependency.
All VOV-11350   Fixed statistics for some hierarchical sets.
Allocator VOV-9411 23688 Added support for hierarchical Altair Allocators. Please see documentation for details.

Resource plots in the child LA are identical to the plots in the top-most parent LA. In other words, they show the data for the entire resource pool, and not the sub-set of the resource corresponding to the child LA.

The slave definition in the child LA (in the <swd>/slaves.tcl file) should use the hostname of the slave, and not localhost.

For example, 'jaguar' is the hostname here:
vtk_slave_define jag -host jaguar\ 
-resources "runMq" \ 
-maxload 20.0 \ 
-mindisk 0 -disablejobstats 1
This hostname must match the hostname used when adding the child LA to the parent LA (in <swd>/vovlad/config.tcl). For example:
LA::AddSite child_la@jaguar child_la {} -host jaguar 
-port 8787 -la 1 -version SAME

Resolved Issues

The following issues were resolved in this release.

Table 2.
Product Internal Number Case Number Description
All VOV-10110   vovwxd cleaner log files will be preserved for the time spec specified by the delCleanerLog,older config parameter in vovwxd/config.tcl.
All VOV-11326   Slave slot licenses will be released when a slave exits in Auto Licensing mode.
All VOV-11294   The /local/registry/system-accelerator folder may have not always been writable because it was created with user's umask permissions. Now created with 777.
All VOV-11350   Fixed statistics for some hierarchical sets.
Allocator VOV-11306 25123 Fixed a crash that was introduced in 2019.01 u4. The call stack for the crash would have entries similar to the following:
Received signal: SIGSEGV 11 3/15 
vovserver(_Z25vovGenFirstAttachmentFASTPK9VovObjectjl+0x21) [0x753bd1] 
Received signal: SIGSEGV 11 4/15 
TResJobSaIS2_EEPNS_19MatchFalseOOQResultE+0x312) [0x79ecb2] 
Received signal: SIGSEGV 11 5/15 
vovserver(_ZN8VovMQRes12matchHandlesERSt6vectorIP11VovFTResJobSaIS2_EEl+0x140) [0x7bd420] 
Received signal: SIGSEGV 11 6/15 
vovserver(_ZN12VovMQManager27matchAndDistributeResourcesER8VovTracelb+0x3ab) [0x7b011b]