Customize the Project

Because the browser interface for this demo is dependent on a CGI script called edademo.cgi, we want to make sure that all the HTML pages generated by the vovserver contain a link back to the CGI pages.

We can do this by controlling the value of the EXTLINKS property.

  1. Complete the command below to control the value of the EXTLINKS property.
    % vovprop set -text 1 EXTLINKS "EDADEMO /cgi/edademo.cgi"
  2. The tasker list file needs to be customized as well. Open it at ftadmin/edademo.swd/taskers.tcl.
  3. The default list specifies many taskers on the local host. While this is probably ok for the purposes of the demo, you are encouraged to replace the default list with a list of real machines, as in the following example:
    # Example of taskers.tcl file.
    vtk_tasker_set_default -resources "@STD@ @RAMTOTAL@"
    vtk_tasker_define hyppo -CPUS 4
    vtk_tasker_define rat   -CPUS 1
    vtk_tasker_define  cat   -CPUS 1