Add New Platform to the Current Release

The Add Platform installation scenario updates the set of installed files to add more files that are the executables for the added platform.

You will need to perform this Altair Accelerator software update installation if you add a new machine type to your network and did not install platform-specific files for that machine type when doing the original install of the current version.

When you installed an Altair Accelerator product, you requested the install of platform-specific files to support a group of machines on your network. If you later add a new machine type to your network, you will need to update your Altair Accelerator installation to add the platform-specific files for the new machine type.

The activity of doing the download and install for the incremental installation to add a new platform is similar to doing a regular install either for the first time or to upgrade to a new release. However, during this process, you will request an install for only the added platform and not for any of the platforms that are already installed.

Overview of the steps to follow:
  1. Download the software to install from the Altair website, with guidance from the download information contained in a later section.
  2. Perform the update software installation, which should require between 5 and 10 minutes depending on disk and network performance.
  3. Validate the update installation by setting your command line environment and validating the installation.

The following sections will lead you through the steps to update your current installation to add support for additional platforms.