Set Up Environment Variables

In order to run the software for validation, you need to set up your command line environment properly.

This includes changing your PATH environment variable so you can run the installed executables, and adding two environment variables that are used by the Altair Accelerator programs.

Set your command line environment by sourcing a setup file created by the installation. You will source the setup file that matches your platform and shell. As earlier, we are using the path /opt/rtda/<release> in our examples as the location of the installation.
Platform Type Shell Command to Source File
UNIX csh tcsh source /opt/rtda/2020.1/common/etc/vovrc.csh
bash sh ksh zsh . /opt/rtda/2020.1/common/etc/
Windows DOS c:\rtda\2020.1\win64\bat\vovinit.bat
Each one of these files defines the variable VOVDIR, which will be used in the rest of the installation documentation and which must be set for proper operation of Altair Accelerator software.

The environment variable VOVDIR always points to the platform specific directory, so that, for example, the executables can be found in $VOVDIR/bin, the documentation can be found in $VOVDIR/doc, and the local information can be found in $VOVDIR/local.