This section describes how to make Accelerator stop accepting new jobs, and also to suspend Accelerator job dispatch.

Stop Accelerator Job Acceptance

When preparing to stop Accelerator, you may wish to stop accepting new jobs so the queued jobs can drain before the shutdown.

You can do this by implementing the vnc_policy.tcl file shown below. Since vnc_policy.tcl is interpreted inline during the nc run command, this policy refuses new jobs with an informative message.
proc VncPolicyValidateResources { resList } {
# This policy prevents submission of new jobs with a message
VovWarning "Job not not submitted; NC closed by admin"
return $resList; # not reached

Suspending Accelerator Job Dispatch

You can suspend job scheduling without stopping the Accelerator vovserver.
% nc [-q qname]  vovservermgr scheduler suspend

This will suspend the dispatching of jobs.

To resume, enter
% nc [-q qname] cmd vovservermgr scheduler resume