Altair Accelerator Software Installation

The Altair Accelerator software product installation guide describes how to install Altair Monitor, Altair Accelerator, Altair Allocator, Altair FlowTracer, and Altair Accelerator Plus.

All these products share the same installation files and the same general install instructions. Product specific variations are noted in the install instructions as they are needed.
Note: If installing Altair Accelerator products in a Windows environment, do not use PowerShell as it is not supported.

Installation Scenarios

There are four types of installation scenarios you might perform.
  1. Installing an Altair Accelerator product for the first time.
  2. Updating a release of an Altair Accelerator product to add support for a new platform (machine type).
  3. Updating a release of an Altair Accelerator product to install a patch.
  4. Upgrading to a new release of an Altair Accelerator product.

This guide will assist you through the installation process for each of these scenarios.

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