2016.09 Update 11.1

Resolved Issues

Products Internal Number Case Number Description
NetworkComputer 8159   The nc who command was nonfunctional starting in 2016.09u9. This has been fixed.
NetworkComputer 8093 21849 Fixed incorrect reference to: NC:AlsoRemovePreviousSummaryResources in recursive call.
WorkloadXcelerator 8073 21803 Improve handling of job’s expected duration with respect to maximum slave lifetime. Also, appropriately handle error caused by the removal of a non-existent slave so that the vovelasticd daemon does not enter the 2-minute wait state for back-end queue errors. More debug output at verbosity level 5 if slave not started for bucket. Improved web based visibility into vovelasticd.
WorkloadXcelerator 8074 21654 Fixed issue with handling resource specifications that contain boolean OR conditions.