2016.09 Update 5

New Features and Enhancements

Products Internal Number Case Number Description
LicenseMonitor 5871 20081 LicenseMonitor's FLEXlm monitor will now report the process ID (PID) associated with a checkout, if that support is enabled in the specific vendor's FLEXlm license server.
LicenseMonitor 7025 20259 Added ability to specify custom pie chart dimensions in batch reporting utility. This can be used to increase the width, so that long labels in the legend will not overlap the pie.
NetworkComputer 7167   As of 2016.09 update 5, cgroups support has changed. Individual cgroups are no longer displayed as extra resources by vovslavemgr or the web UI. Pre-existing cgroups can no longer be individually requested via nc run -r. CGROUP:RAM is still available as an extra resource, and its behavior is unchanged.
LicenseAllocator 6499   Historical metrics can be loaded upon server restart by adding the command reloadHistoricalMetrics to LA's config.tcl. The command requires a parameter specifying a duration (Vov time specification) for which to load the metrics. The duration is the elapsed time going back from "now" to the desired event.

Resolved Issues

Products Internal Number Case Number Description
LicenseMonitor 6114 20002 Support has been added for multiple wildcard patterns in the wildcard input of the LM filters box. You can now specify a space-separated list of wildcard patterns to match, such as "A* B* C?".
LicenseMonitor 7209   For home page utilization and wait status widgets, if user and/or wait analysis takes longer than 10s, abort the analysis and return. This can occur when a large number of checkouts are being tracked.
LicenseMonitor 7195 20256 Prevent overlap of pie slice labels for skinny slices by disabling labels for slices that represent less than 3% of the total pie.
LicenseMonitor 7190 20234 Added ability to relocate the utilization plot legend to the right-hand (east) side of the plot to allow for a lower custom height when using ftlm_batch_report. The new option is: -utilPlotLegendLocation. Possible values are s and e, with s (south) being the default.