2016.09 Update 8.1-1

Resolved Issues

Products Internal Number Case Number Description
LicenseMonitor 7746 21218 Fixed issue with GreenHills license parser for checkout records that have a handle that is greater than a 32-bit integer. Also added protection in the database loader to handle such records.
NetworkComputer 7715 21199 A limited-release capability, nc info -legacy, is provided to generate nc info output in the older format (prior to 2016.09). The behavior of this command can be customized via a Tcl file at .../local/vncinfo.config.tcl based on environment variable, username, project name, etc. by doing 'set NCINFO(legacy) 1' under the desired conditions.
if { [vtk_logname] eq "george" } { set NCINFO(legacy) 1 }
Important: This legacy feature will not be available in releases beyond 2016.09 (and updates).
NetworkComputer 7594 20944 Added -failover constraint option for vovslavemgr operations. Also ensure that failover slaves are the first to start when starting multiple slaves.
Note: These functionalities require that failover slaves be defined in slaves.tcl using vtk_slave_define with the -failover option.
NetworkComputer 7664 21289 Fix case where nc stop -reason doesn't add reason to Why.