2019.01 Update 1 Release

New Features and Enhancements

The following new features and enhancements were introduced this software release:
Product Internal Number Case Number Description
All VOV-9448   Cached queries created via vtk_select_create or related commands can no longer expire while the results are still being processed.
All VOV-8080 22230 Startup scripts for use with systemd are now included in $VOVDIR/etc/boot.
Accelerator Plus VOV-9798 24022 Added new parameter in vovwxd/config.tcl set CONFIG(agent,PreemptMethod) "" that specifies the preemption method for all wxagent jobs running in base NC queue.
Accelerator VOV-8699   Added support for cgroups v2.
Accelerator VOV-7248 20366 Added the BUCKETTIME field to the JOBS object for vovselect, vtk_select_loop and related commands. This field indicates the time in seconds that a job spent after being assigned to a bucket, but before being dispatched to a slave. For jobs that are not yet assigned to buckets, this field will be 0.
Accelerator VOV-9588   Added IPv6 support.
Allocator VOV-9800   Added a toggle button to the LA Resource Summary page to toggle matching of handles with "recent" jobs (i.e., jobs that have already finished running). Also, the existing push buttons for toggling debugging, etc. have been changed to toggle buttons.
FlowTracer VOV-9692   Added the 'fileready' and 'waitforfile' flags (visible when the flag is set) to the vovconsole GUI and web pages.

Resolved Issues

The following issues were resolved in 2019.01 Update 1 software release:
Product Internal Number Case Number Description
All VOV-10040   This fixes some issues with vov services on Windows not listening to both IPV4 and IPV6 network ports. Without this fix, the user may experience hangs while starting and stopping Monitor or other projects, and with nginx being unresponsive.
All VOV-9771   Fixed an issue where all field names specified by vtk_select_create and related commands would be converted to upper-case in the returned Tcl array. The field names will now be returned with the same capitalization as requested by the user.
All VOV-9749   Changed the behavior of the stop button in the vovssd SFD to stop the vovssd daemon and all child processes to prevent orphaned child processes from being present after exiting the SFD.
Accelerator Plus VOV-9379 23650 vovwxd will show an alert when the deletion of a slave object is unsuccessful. The new alert will have "vovwxd could not destroy slave" title format.
Accelerator Plus VOV-9745 24004 Fixed a bug in vovwxd that was causing it to request slaves from the same base Accelerator queue when configured for multiple queues.
Accelerator Plus VOV-9744 24001 Improved the method of retrieving the slave status in Accelerator Plus from the base Accelerator queue. The new method will help to avoid the blocking of vovwxd caused by nc getfield command
Accelerator Plus VOV-9797   A configuration parameter was added that can change how wxagent responds to an nc stop command when running with an NC base queue. The parameter is named CONFIG(nc_stop_signals) and can be found in vovwxd/config.tcl. The default value is "" (empty string). If this parameter is set to a non empty string (for example, "USR1"), then the wxagent will be started with the additional parameter NC_STOP_SIGNALS set to the value of the string.
Allocator VOV-9151   Fixed adding of maps with LA::AddResource (were not getting added to the Resource earlier).
Allocator VOV-7592 20921 Fixed cleanup of .nfs* files.
FlowTracer VOV-9158   Fixed vovlsfd issue where all occurrences of "-R" was getting removed from BSUB_OPTIONS.
FlowTracer VOV-9388   Improved error message to display node Id.
FlowTracer VOV-8776   Changed the behavior of the "Forget" context menu in the canvas area for "Set" objects so that it now forgets the selected set; not its contents. The earlier behavior was to forget the set's contents but not the set. Added a new context menu "Forget Recursively" that forgets the selected set and its contents recursively.
Accelerator VOV-9511 23730, 23867 Fixed issue where slaves in 'ready' state were shown as 'overloaded' on vovslavemgr update
Accelerator VOV-9681 23977 Fixed issues with the vovssd SFD (single-file distributable) that prevented it from working properly as a Windows service. Slaves are now stopped when vovssd is stopped from within the SFD GUI, the SFD is exited entirely, or its Windows service is stopped. This change prevents the situation where orphan slave processes are left behind, preventing the SFD from extracting into the same directory as before, which would be the case in a Windows service.
Accelerator VOV-9051 23098 Changed vovresourced to use more efficient data URLs for querying Monitor for data.
Accelerator VOV-8928   The parameter schedSkip has been replaced with schedMaxEffort. The documentation has been updated to reflect this change.
Accelerator VOV-9184   Fixed a bug that was causing performance problems due to generation of redundant NODESET events when submitting jobs nc run -fb 1 -f <filename>.
Accelerator VOV-9170   Metrics system no longer requires a license.
Accelerator     Changed internal representation of filesystem sizes to accommodate large filesystems. Customers with TMP filesystems up to 9x10^24 bytes should see correct values for the TMP# resource
FlowTracer VOV-9613   Fixed issue leading to nested visit error messages in logs.
Monitor VOV-9514 20544 ftlm_batch_report, and a few other programs like ftlm_accouts and ftlm_tags_admin now opens only one db handle and use it throughout the process.