2019.01 Update 2 Release

New Features and Enhancements

The following new features and enhancements were introduced this software release:
Product Issue Number Case Number Description
All VOV-10021   The Bookshelf page has been simplified for easier reading.
All VOV-9742   The new vovservermgr command is added for system administrators.

This command has several subcommands. Three of the subcommands provide an easier syntax to set vovserver configuration and environment variables than vtk_server_config, et al. Other subcommands interface to memory chunking and scheduler tuning controls.

FlowTracer VOV-9692   Added the 'fileready' and 'waitforfile' flags (visible when the flag is set) to the vovconsole GUI and web pages.
FlowTracer VOV-9805 22742 In FlowTracer, vovlsfd will "bsub" buckets based on priority; earlier it used to be rank followed by priority.
Accelerator Plus VOV-9792   Added new parameter in vovwxd/config.tcl set CONFIG(slave,AutoKillMethod) "" that specifies the autokill method for all slaves.
Accelerator Plus VOV-9200 22867 If the directories ${VOVDIR}/local/logs/lm or ${VOVDIR}/local/logs/nc exist, then the output of lmmgr and ncmgr respectively will be logged in those directories with timestamped filename.
Accelerator Plus VOV-8840   vovdaemonmgr stop/start/restart of vovwxd will also stop/start/restart WXLauncher slave.
Accelerator VOV-7248 20366 Added the BUCKETTIME field to the JOBS object for vovselect, vtk_select_loop and related commands. This field indicates the timestamp at which the job was most recently assigned to a bucket. For jobs that are not yet assigned to buckets, this field will be 0.
Accelerator VOV-8994 22987 The Accelerator administrator may now restrict access to the nc modify subcommand. If a VovUserGroup named "System:jobmodify" exists, only USERS who are in that group may modify jobs.
Accelerator VOV-9535   There will be two additional trace parameters visible: preemption.load and preemption.module. Both may be set in the policy file or via the vovservermgr config command.

preemption.load - a value of 1 will cause the preemption module to be loaded, a value of zero will cause it to be unloaded. During startup the value indicates the desired state, afterwards it reflects the current loaded/unloaded state. Setting the value to 0 in the policy.tcl file will disable the loading of the preemption module on startup.

preemption.module - indicates the preemption module to be loaded. The default (and only currently available) value is libpreemption.so.

In the future these parameters will allow us to unload preemption and load a new version without taking down vovserver.

Resolved Issues

The following issues were resolved in 2019.01 Update 2 software release:
Product Internal Number Case Number Description
All VOV-9998   Eliminated the appearance of errors similar to the following in the logs:
7,275 vovserver(19661) 
ERROR May 20 15:59:55 Ending a visit that is already ended (searchId=81179) [object:411] 
7,277 vovserver(19661) 
ERROR May 20 16:14:01 Nested visit with searchId=82117 [object:388] 
All VOV-10103   Fixed issue in calculating the total memory used by jobs, where the reported amount did not take into account memory that is shared between multiple processes in a job's process hierarchy.
All VOV-9827   Fixed a bug in the handling of resource names that were the same as the beginning of a slave name. For example a slave named "foo1" with a resource "foo" would see its "foo1" resource disappear and be replaced by a second "foo" resource. Both the disappearing slave name and the resource duplication have been fixed.
All VOV-10003   Fixed a bug involving missing field names in result arrays returned by vtk_select_get when specifying parameterized fields, e.g. properties.
All VOV-10071   Relaxed the restrictions around the user-specified slave health check script.
All VOV-9852   vovserver will not start any configured daemon as part of the server start up process; this task will be handled by the auto start scripts.

One exception to this behavior is vovnginxd; the vovserver will explicitly start vovnginxd if the web port is changed from zero to a valid port while the server is running.

FlowTracer VOV-9158   Fixed vovlsfd issue where all occurrences of "-R" was getting removed from BSUB_OPTIONS.
FlowTracer VOV-9388   Improved error message to display node Id.
FlowTracer VOV-10120 24303 User environment variable with the name "SAVE" will no longer interfere with the "CLEAN" environment script.
FlowTracer VOV-8002 21684 When VOV_FT_MULTIUSER environment variable is set before launching a slave, the slave will only accept jobs owned by the same user who started the slave. Jobs owned by other users will be refused. New keyword @JOBOWNER@ has been added to substitute it with the actual job user on runtime.
FlowTracer VOV-9404   vov daemon processes will ignore Ctrl+C signals when started from vovdaemonmgr start
Accelerator Plus VOV-10171   Fixed error in Accelerator Plus that could cause non-ADMIN users' jobs to fail due to security errors during slave startup.
Accelerator Plus VOV-10067   Fixed error that prevented vovwxconnect -test script from successfully running.
Accelerator Plus VOV-9378   Multiple instances of the same daemon will no longer be allowed to run when the "-f" flag is used. If the specified daemon is not running, "-f" will attempt to start the daemon, but if there is one already running, another instance will not be started.
Accelerator Plus VOV-9357   Multiple instances of the same daemon will no longer be allowed to run when the "-f" flag is used. If the specified daemon is not running, "-f" will attempt to start the daemon, but if there is one already running, another instance will not be started.
Accelerator Plus VOV-9735   The fields GRABBEDRESOURCES and GRABBEDRESOURCESO are now visible for Accelerator Plus jobs. In addition, the VOV_GRABBED_RESOURCES environment variable now propagates properly in Accelerator Plus jobs. Note that the value of GRABBEDRESOURCES differs from that in Accelerator; for Accelerator Plus jobs, its value will be derived from that of GRABBEDRESOURCESO of the associated slave job in the base queue.
Accelerator Plus VOV-10094   nc/wx cmd ... now supports interactive scripts.
Accelerator Plus VOV-9753 24035 Accelerator Plus will initialize environment variables specified in VOV_LM_VARNAMES variable of the job that requests a License:* resource
Accelerator VOV-9895   Added documentation page in the Accelerator Admin Guide for job fostering and improved command help.
Accelerator VOV-9128 23263 Jobs will have exit status 1 if for any reason they cannot be started on vovslave.
Accelerator VOV-9996 24208 Fix docs to correctly describe user-provided vovslave health script
Accelerator VOV-10100 24275 Correct the job NUMA placement doc in the Accelerator Manuals.
Accelerator VOV-9879   Changed slave error logging messages to make them clearer and more user-friendly.
Accelerator VOV-8837   Corrected job why property to display the actual time taken on start.
Accelerator VOV-9806   Extras and consumables are no longer listed twice in vovslavemgr show -resourceonly output.
Accelerator VOV-9679   Fixed issue where TIMEVAR procedures defined in job classes were not being re-evaluated when needed.
Accelerator VOV-9511   Fixed issue where slaves in 'ready' state were shown as 'overloaded' on vovslavemgr update.
Accelerator VOV-9198   Fixed issue with the "-O @CLOCK@" output format option to nc hosts where the leading digit of the clock was being truncated.
Accelerator VOV-10104 24273 Fixed the issue where vovreconciled continues to reconcile (or vice versa) even after "Handle-job matching" is turned off in Allocator.
Accelerator VOV-9881   Improved messaging from nc stop command when signals are provided via environment variables or when using the default stop signal cascade. In addition, CHECK is now recognized as a valid signal.
Accelerator VOV-9908   Accelerator's vnc_policy.tcl file will be applied to Accelerator jobs coming from FlowTracer scripted indirect slaves.
Accelerator VOV-9768   The default vovresourced configuration file no longer assumes Monitor to be available, preventing unwanted alerts concerning Monitor being unreachable in environments where it is not being used or has not yet been configured.

Additionally, the call to vtk_flexlm_monitor_all is now disabled by default to prevent the creation of Accelerator resources for all licenses reported by Monitor. For performance reasons, the use of vtk_flexlm_monitor_all is only recommended in environments where a small total number of licenses are reported by Monitor, or when the majority of the licenses reported are actually requested by Accelerator jobs as a resource requirement. In all other cases, it is recommended to individually choose which licenses will be used to create Accelerator resources by calling vtk_flexlm_monitor for each license.

Allocator VOV-10022   If a site has DO_NOT_SHARE set for a resource in LA, that resource no longer appears in the output of nc cmd vovshow -resources. The earlier behavior was to show the resource with a value of zero.
Monitor VOV-9764   Fixed an issue that prevented slaves and agents created via the web UI from starting.
Monitor VOV-9838   Fixed the code that added data points for capacity prior the given range. Now all data should limited to the given range, so no wrong chart scaling is possible.
Monitor VOV-10111   The Monitor SFD GUI may now take longer to enable the Stop button than it did previously. It has been modified to ensure that Monitor has completely started before enabling Stop.
Monitor VOV-9878   When switching back to HTML as the output format from CSV, ensure that the input file name or prefix depends on single or multiple files.


The following issues and defects are known to exist in 2019.01 Update 2 software release.
Product Internal Issue Description
FlowTracer VOV-10507 vovconsole hangs/closes connection with large flow (>250k jobs and > 388k files)