Get Detailed Information about a Job

The command nc displays information about a job.

Get Detailed Information About a Job

The command nc getfield also gives information about a job, but in an undecorated form that is in scripts.

nc: Usage Message

    Get one or all fields of one or more NC jobs.  Specify the jobID
    or use '!' for the most recent job in the current working directory.

    If the -J jobName option is given, only the first match
    is reported.  If there is no match, an error is reported.

    -h           Show this help. You can also get the
                 usage message by specifying no option at all.
    -v           Increase verbosity.
    -J JOBNAME   Find first job with given JOBNAME
                 The search is restricted to the jobs that
                 belong to the current user.
                 This is significantly more expensive than
                 using jobIds.  Use sparingly.
    -f field     Specify field when giving multiple jobIDs
    -showid      Show jobId
    -s           Same as -showid
    -sep STRING  Use STRING as separator (default is a single space)
    -tab         Use a TAB character as separator.

    % nc getfield -h
    % nc getfield 01234455
    % nc getfield 00123445 jobclass
    % nc getfield ! status
    % nc getfield -J JOBNAME
    % nc getfield 01234455 0123458 -f jobclass
    % nc getfield -s 01234455 0123458 -f jobclass

% nc getfield 00012345 jobclass
% nc getfield 00012345 cputime
% nc getfield 00012345 
... get list of all known fields (more than 100 of them)...