Build the Flow

Now that you have a job description, you need to build the flow with the vovbuild program.

The vovbuild program processes a flow description file and registers the described programs into the flow. It defaults to using the file Flow.tcl as the flow description file.
% vovbuild 
....   # 4 dots, one per job

Building the flow is different from running it. The jobs in the flow may take seconds or days to execute, but building the flow is normally a rather quick step. Building the flow is building the dependency graph, not running the programs registered into the graph.

After the vovbuild is done, you must double click the System:nodes set in the Set Browser to get the console to refresh the Set Viewer with the current graph.

The graph you get will have a similar look to this. Minor differences in the size and position of the nodes are to be expected.

Figure 1.

Notice that the dependency ordering of the jobs in the graph has been created properly, even though the jobs in the FDL file were entered without an order.

Notice that the top node is brown, to indicate that file aa is missing. The flow building discovered that file aa is not present and marks the file to have the MISSING status. The other nodes are purple to indicate that they are INVALID.