Get Ready for REST

REST API usage prerequisites are described in this section. These prerequisites will enable REST v3 applications to run with Accelerator. Some of the prerequisites apply to the Accelerator queue configuration and others apply to the host where the REST application will run, also called the "submit host".

Prerequisites for the Accelerator queue:
  • The web port must be configured. In version 2021.2.0 and higher the web provider must be set to "internal". See the -webport and -webprovider options in the ncmgr start help documentation.
  • SSL/TLS should be enabled for security reasons. Since passwords are passed with HTTP authorization requests to vovserver, the security of the connection is important. Enable SSL/TLS for the NC queue as follows:
    1. Add this line to SWD/policy.tcl:
      set config(ssl.enable) 1
    2. Append a line to SWD/setup.tcl that sets VOV_HOST_HTTP_NAME to the fully qualified host name (FQHN) where vovserver is running. The FQHN is the output of hostname -f.
    3. Ensure a CA-signed domain-wide SSL certificate is installed in $VOVDIR/local/ssl or a host-specific CA-signed SSL certificate is installed in SWD/config/ssl. This will allow your REST network traffic to be fully secured. See Advanced REST Usage for more about this.
    4. Reset the NC queue with ncmgr reset or ncmgr stop/start to activate any configuration changes just made.
Prerequisites for the submit host:
  • The submit host must have network access to the server running the NC queue.
  • Python version 3 or higher is required to use the REST access library module.
  • The Python "requests" package must be installed.
  • Copy from $VOVDIR/scripts/python/ to the directory on the submit host where your Python application resides.