ftlm_merge_origins: Usage Message

    Merge the checkouts computed by sampling lmstat and the checkouts
    computed by parsing the debug logs.  This will generate a merged 
    set of checkouts that is in general more accurate than either of the
    other sets.

    ftlm_merge_origins [OPTIONS]

    -tag1  <TAG1>      -- The tag containing the lmstat info.
    -tag2  <TAG2>      -- The tag containing the info parsed from  
                          the debug logs.  It could be the same as TAG1.
     -v               -- Increment verbosity.
     -h               -- This help.
     -db <DB>         -- Specify the SQLite database.
     -show            -- Show the tags that contain info parsed 
                         from the debug logs.
     -undo <TAG>      -- Undo merging for given tag.
     -tag3 <TAG3>     -- The name of the tag to be used for the 
                         merged info.  It can be the same as TAG1 or TAG2.
                         If not specified, the name for this tag is ${TAG1}_MRG.
    -tag <TAG>        -- Implies that all tags are the same.
    -start <date>     -- Begin merge at specified date (see examples).
    -finish <date>    -- End merge at specified date; use with -start.
    -interval <spec>  -- Set start and finish time based on interval spec.
    -all              -- Merge regardless of date.

    % ftlm_merge_origins -show
    % ftlm_merge_origins -tag1 MGC -tag2 MGC  -tag3 MGC_MRG
    % ftlm_merge_origins -tag1 MGC -start 20080101 
    % ftlm_merge_origins -tag1 MGC -interval 201001
    % ftlm_merge_origins -tag  MGC
    % ftlm_merge_origins -undo MGC

   This procedure uses the 'origin' field in the checkouts table.
   The meaning of origin is the following:
   0  - from lmstat (old)
   1  - from lmstat (new)
   2  - from debug log
   5  - merged, using only lmstat  info (same as 1)
   6  - merged, using only debug log info
   7  - merged by applying accurate debug log timing 
        to lmstat info.
  10  - error: unmergeable handles