ftlm_parse_flexlm: Usage Message

    ftlm_parse_flexlm [OPTIONS] TAG stat|info LMSTAT_COMMAND_...

    -v                  -- Increase verbosity.
    -site "SITENAME"    -- Assign site for source of data.
    -trackdisplay       -- Track display field. The display field is normally
                           used to indicate what display was used for a
                           checkout. There are cases where some vendors use
                           the display field store information that is not
                           related to the display and some cases where the
                           display contains spaces and other special
                           characters. Because of this, the display field in
                           the checkout line is ignored by default.
    -tracksubfeatures   -- Track subfeature field. A subfeature is a special
                           field that follows the display field and is most
                           often used to indicate that a specific function of
                           a feature is being utilized. An example would be
                           when a token-based feature is checked out, the
                           subfeature will contain the tool that was enabled
                           as a result of checking out the token-based
                           feature. Some vendors use spaces in this field, or
                           the display field (see above), which will result
                           in false subfeatures.  Because of this, the
                           subfeatures field is ignored by default.
    -trackallsubfeatures -- Track all subfeatures, even those not in the list.
                           If this is on, it implies '-tracksubfeatures' is
                           on, and also track subfeatures not in the list,
                           possibly false ones.
    -trackreservations  -- Track reservations. Reserved licenses that are not
                           used are considered checkouts by LicenseMonitor if
                           this option is enabled. The checkouts are for a
                           special user, beginning with "r:", that includes
                           the reservation object name, so that these
                           checkouts can be distinguished from real usage in
                           the LicenseMonitor reports. Enabling this option
                           allows LicenseMonitor to quickly and easily
                           identify waste that is created as a result of
                           obsolete and overly aggressive reservations.

    On Windows, use / for the path delimiter and // before each space if there
    are spaces in the command path.

    % ftlm_parse_flexlm  SNPS stat lmstat -a -c 1727@pluto
    % ftlm_parse_flexlm -site "NewYork" SNPS stat lmstat -a -c 1727@pluto