ncmgr stop

Shut down an Accelerator queue.

vncmgr: Usage Message

        Shut down a NetworkComputer queue.

        Acts on the queue named 'vnc', unless -queue is used
        Automatic failover is disabled, unless the -failover option is used.

        If you wish to just stop the vovserver to change the binary,
        use the -freeze option.  This keeps the vovtaskers running
        and preserves the running jobs.

        If -freeze is not used the vovtaskers are stopped, and running jobs
        will be lost.

        -writeprdir <dirname> Writes the pr file to the specified directory
        (e.g., /tmp/abc123). The directory is created if it doesn't exist.

        % ncmgr [-q queue] stop [options]

        -queue        Specify name of queue to stop; default = vnc
        -force        Do not prompt for confirmation.
        -failover     Test the failover.
        -freeze       Freeze existing running jobs.
        -verbose      Increase verbosity.
        -writeprdir   Writes the pr file to the specified directory

        % ncmgr stop
        % ncmgr stop -freeze