The program vovgetnetinfo is used with Accelerator and Monitor to fill in information about the hosts. vovgetnetinfo is to be run periodically from the scripts created by the vovcrontab command.

vovsh -s netinfo is run as a system job on each of the vovtasker hosts, which gathers information about clock offset, filesystems, OS version, memory, etc., and sends information to the vovserver.

vovgetnetinfo: Usage Message

    % vovgetnetinfo [OPTIONS]
    -autoforget   -- Set the autoforget flag on the jobs
                     created by this script.
    -procinfo     -- Compute process status
    -netinfo      -- Compute host and filesystems
                     information (default).
    -hosts <list> -- Restrict operation to list of
                     named hosts
                     Requires a tasker on each host.
    -delay <ms>   -- Add a delay between submission of
                     jobs. In milliseconds.
    -nolog        -- Disable output log. Unless disabled, an output log will be
                     written in the parent of the SWD.
    -v            -- Increase verbosity.
    -h            -- This help.
   % vovgetnetinfo -h
   % vovgetnetinfo -procinfo
   % vovgetnetinfo -netinfo
vovgetnetinfo can also be run as a single time from the command line as shown below:
% nc cmd vovgetnetinfo
Information about a single host can be updated as follows:
% rsh some-host-name nc cmd vovsh -s netinfo