vovproject create

vovproject: Usage Message

    % vovproject create [options] project_name

    -csh | -bash | -ksh
    -sh  | -tcsh | -zsh  The shell to use
                         (default: 'csh')
    -type  <type>       Project type
                         (default: 'generic')
    -port  <number>     Port number|automatic|any
                        (default: 'automatic')
    -webport <number>   Web interface port number|automatic|any|0
                        (default: '0')
    -webprovider <prov> Web provider.  'internal' or 'nginx'
    -roport  <number>   Web interface guest access port
                        number|automatic|any|0 (default: '0')
    -product <name>     Product name (one of nc lm lms ft la rm hero)
                        (Using vovproject to create an LM, NC, WX, LA, or HE
                        project is deprecated.  Please use lmmgr, ncmgr,
                        wxmgr, lamgr, or hemgr instead.)
                        (default: 'ft')
    -dir   <dirname>    Server directory
                        (default: '~/vov')
    -group <grpname>    Group name (sets VOV_GROUP in setup.tcl)
                        (default: no group)
    -nostart            Create project but do not start server yet
    -block              For the initial start, if enabled (default), prevent
                        returning to shell until project is stopped.
                        Useful when submitting to batch processing systems.
    project_name        The name of the project

    VOVPROJECT_SUBMIT_CMD  For the initial start, if enabled (default), submit
                           project to a batch processing system when set to a
                           valid submission command (eg 'nc run' 'bsub').

    % vovproject create myproj
    % vovproject create -dir ./vovadmin myproj
    % vovproject create -product ft myproj
    % vovproject create -dir . -type generic myproj
    % vovproject create -port 7501 -type case myproj
    % vovproject create -nostart -type case myproj