usage: vovserver [-bcsnl] [-p product] [-j] [-S project@host,port] [-P port]
                    [-W port] [-R port] [-x] <project>
   -b:         Batch mode (UNIX only, silently ignored on NT)
   -c:         Disable crash recovery
   -s:         Start slaves automatically
   -n:         Run as an Accelerator (NC) project (Obsolete: Use -p nc instead)
   -l:         Run as a Monitor (LM) project (Obsolete: Use -p lm instead).
   -p:         Set product type as one of: ft he la lm lms la nc rm wa wx (or
   -j:         Ignored. Supported for backwards compatibility
   -S:         OLD: DO NOT USE. Start a server subordinate to the PrimaryServer
   -P:         Force port number (in range [1000,65535])
   -W:         Force web port number (0 to disable)
   -R:         Force readonly guest port number (0 to disable)
   -x:         Run multi-threaded server
   <project>:  name of the project
Experienced VOV users can start the server directly by calling vovserver, provided that all project files are already available. Go to the server working directory and enter the following:
% cd .../<project_name>/.swd
% ves project_name.swd/setup.tcl
% ves BASE% vovserver -sb project_name