wx modify

Enables modifying fields in the scheduled jobs.

wx: Usage Message

        Modify scheduled jobs

        % wx modify [OPTIONS] [jobId] ...
                                             (operate on job with that id)
        % wx modify [OPTIONS] [!] ...
                                             (operate on most recent job)
        % wx modify [OPTIONS] [-set setName] ...
                                             (operate on all jobs in setName)
        % wx modify [OPTIONS] [-selrule rule] ...
                                             (operate on all jobs selected by rule)

      -h                            -- This help.
      -v                            -- Increase verbosity.
      -showfields                   -- Show fields that can be modified.
      -<FIELDNAME> <NEWVALUE>       -- Set the specified field to the
                                       specified value.
      -changegrab <RESMAP> [-]<N>   -- Change the quantity of a resourcemap 
                                       grabbed for a running job. May not
                                       combine with other options.

        % wx modify -jobclass short 0012345
        % wx modify -res License:xxx 0012345
        % wx modify -jobname superman 0012345
        % wx modify -res License:xxx -set MySet
        % wx modify -group /time/users !
        % wx modify -jpp smallest -numa pack 0012345
        % wx modify -changegrab Limit:foo -1 -selrule 'user=mary AND resources~foo'